Professional Amiibo League Season 3 Prizes and Donation Incentives

With Professional Amiibo League Season 2 coming to an end, it is already time for us to start planning for P.A.L. Season 3. Last season, we tried a new system for donations, including producerships, shout-outs, and sponsors. This season, we are taking the best ideas from last season, improving on them, and adding a few new things to the mix.

Donation Incentives:

$1: Get your name placed on the P.A.L. stream end-credits.

$10: Become a P.A.L. Producer! Producers get a variety of special privileges (more on that later), as well as a verbal shout out at the end of stream, as well as a shout out from the official P.A.L. Twitter.

Variable Price: Become an official Sponsor of P.A.L. This comes with a large amount of benefits (more on this later as well).

How to Donate:

If you want to donate for the $1, or $10 dollar tier, donate at, and specify your name, and what you are donating for. If you do it during one of Splice’s Streams, your message will also appear live on air!

Also, if you won a prize during P.A.L. Season 2, you can donate that money directly back into the prize pool. If you want to do this, contact either Burr or Splice as soon as possible.

Producer Benefits:

This season was our first season introducing the “P.A.L. Producers”. Producers receive not only receive the same shout outs as all other donors but are also added to a special channel of the Splice-Stream discord server. This channel is meant to discuss the state of P.A.L. as well as potential changes and ideas. As the season gets closer, both Splice and Burr will come to the producers for help making decisions. Last season, decisions ranged from what to name P.A.L. Lite, to advice about the All-Star Events, and finally a survey about the state of P.A.L. and changes for the future.

Also, starting this season, P.A.L. producers will get to choose the stage (the background, matches will still be Omega/Battlefield only), as well as music whenever their Amiibo are playing in matches.


Last season, we introduced sponsors into P.A.L. This season, however, we want to up our sponsor game.  Sponsors will receive a shout out during your sponsored stream section, including a custom graphic and sponsorship message. We are willing to work with you to customize the sponsorship in any number of ways, either on stream, social media, or anything else.

There are only 5 sponsorship slots available for P.A.L. Season 3, because of this, if you want to be a P.A.L. sponsor, contact Burr or Splice for more information about price and availability. DO NOT just donate hoping to be a sponsor without talking to one of us first.

P.A.L. Season 3 Prizes:

This season, the way prize support is handled will be slightly different. Instead of accepting donations and creating a prize breakdown around them, we have created a roadmap for prizes every $75 dollars of donations.

$75: 1 Custom Amiibo Trophy. $50 total Prize Pool to places 1st-4th.

$150: 2 Custom Amiibo Trophies. $100 total Prize Pool to places 1st-6th

$225: 3 Custom Amiibo Trophies. $150 total Prize Pool to places 1st-6th

$300: 4 Custom Amiibo Trophies. $200 total Prize Pool to places 1st-8th

$375: 5 Custom Amiibo Trophies. $250 total Prize Pool to places 1st-8th

$450: 6 Custom Amiibo Trophies. $300 total Prize Pool to places 1st-12th

$450+: Any donations received over $450 will be used as prizes for the audience or for non-playoff P.A.L. events.

The Prize Pool will be paid out in either Amazon or Nintendo E-Shop Gift Cards

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