Welcome to The Professional Amiibo League: Rules and Introduction

Tournament Organizer: Burr (professionalamiiboleague@gmail.com)

Tournament Host: Splice (splicedstudio@gmail.com, twitch.tv/splicestream)

The Professional Amiibo League is a dedicated collection of Amiibo trainers seeking to compete at the highest levels of the Amiibo metagame. The tournament format places an emphasis on a tournament format that allows for new trainers, no matter how new or experienced, to earn their way into the competitive scene while also cultivating long standing rivalries to entertain the competitors and viewers. A general outline of how the season will progress is laid out below with more detailed bylaws even further down the document should you need more details.

P.A.L. will have 32 Amiibos divided up into four divisions of eight teamsN64 Division, GameCube Division, Wii Division, and 3DS Division. Which division an Amiibo is slotted into will depend upon their final ranking at the end of the previous season or the Play-In Tournament (more on the Play-In Tournament later).

The tournament is officially being organized and run by Burr with the matches being hosted twice a week by Splice on twitch.tv/splicestream. You will be able to catch your Amiibo’s matches on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time on twitch.tv/splicestream. To get notified when the matches go live, follow his channel.

Every Amiibo is legal in this tournament format as long as they are vanilla (no spirits, no stats). Each Trainer must fill out the Amiibo submission form by 11:59 PM EST, Saturday July 6th to be eligible for Season 1. Be aware that as this league is attempting to formalize the competition a bit more than in past tournaments there will be some additional steps to this form such as providing visual proof that you own the Amiibo you are submitting, agree to follow a Sportsmanship Agreement, and some other smaller details. What you need to know is covered in the section called “Trainer Eligibility” further down in the document.

The format of each set of matches will be:
All tournament legal stages, alternating between Omega and Battlefield versions
Final Smash Meter is OFF
Items are OFF

Learning on your Amiibo must be set to OFF


How the Tournament Will Work

Each season of P.A.L. will have four phases to it:

Phase 1- Previous season ends

At the end of the season, the Trainers whose Amiibo placed in the top 5 of their respective divisions will be invited to take one of the 20 reserved slots for the next season. Trainers who placed in the bottom two slots of their division will be relegated to next season’s Play-In Tournament along with any newcomers who wish to attempt to claim one of the final eight open slots.

It is at this time all Trainers may submit a different Amiibo than the one they used the previous season. The lone exception is the previous season’s champion who must defend their crown with the Amiibo they won the championship with.

Obviously, with this being the first season of PAL, we don’t have a previous season. We will be seeding the first season with Trainers who contended in the playoffs of Splice’s recent Amiibo League and placed high in the Clash of Chumps On-Air 4 competition.

Phase 2-  Play-In Tournament

Any newcomers along with those Trainers who got relegated may take part in the Play-In Tournament to attempt to claim one of the final 12 open slots. Every trainer who does not already have one of the 20 reserved slots may submit one Amiibo.

The Play-In Tournament will be a set of 3 matches in a double elimination tournament. Anyone who reaches the final 8 will get into the P.A.L. Regular season, with seeding determined by placement in the Play-In Tournament. The winner of the Play-In Tournament will also receive a $5 Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Being the first season, we want there to be more emphasis on the Play-In Tournament so we will only be seeding the first season with 20 reserved slots. This means there will actually be 12 open slots up for grabs in the first tournament.

Phase 3- The Regular Season

After the Play-In tournament every Amiibo will be seeded into their respective divisions. Once seeded each Amiibo will face off against every other Amiibo in their Division in a best-of-three set of matches with the maps being played out in the order of Omega-Battlefield-Omega. Every Amiibo will take part in one set of matches per night that the host streams.

The rankings within the division will be determined by the following tiebreaker criteria:

1) Set wins

2) Game win percentage

3) Stock differential

4) Record against tied opponents

At the end of the regular season, the bottom two Trainers in each division will be relegated to next season’s Play-In Tournament. The top three in each division will advance to…

Phase 4- The Playoffs

The playoffs will be a 12 team, double elimination tournament. Each division champion will be given a bye to round 2. The remaining #2 and #3 seeds will face off in round one. Every set will be identical to the regular season by being a 2-stock, Best-of-Three set on the Omega-Battlefield-Omega format.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. For more information on what the prizes will be and stipulations for receiving them see the Prizes section further down in the document.

In addition to these phases there will also be a one day “All Star” tournament happening between days 5 & 6 of the Regular Season. Details about that All Star tournament will come when we get closer to those dates.
After the Playoffs have completed there will be a minimum two-week break between seasons, possibly longer depending upon the needs of the tournament organizer and the host. Additionally, between seasons, the tournament organizer might change the format or rules slightly to accommodate needs that come up. Any rule changes done mid-season will only happen in the event they are absolutely necessary.
In the event someone who has a reserved slot doesn’t wish to participate anymore, we will open that slot up and would fall to the appropriate slot in the Play-In tournament. In the event there is a tie between eligible Amiibos for that extra slot the tie will be broken by the following criteria:

1) Overall record during the Play-in Tournament

2) Stock differential

3) Record against tied opponents

4) If the other 3 cannot break the tie, then the Amiibo shall fight against one another in a best-of-3, 2 stock set

Who is Eligible to Participate in
the Professional Amiibo League?

To be eligible to participate in P.A.L. you must meet the following requirements:

1) Overall record during the Play-in Tournament

2) You must submit your own Amiibo (you may not submit on behalf of someone else or use an Amiibo owned by someone else)

3) You must consent to follow the Sportsmanship Agreement

4) You must be able to provide an image of the Amiibo you are submitting

How do I submit my Amiibo to P.A.L.?

If this is your first time attempting to enter an Amiibo tournament a common question is “Can I submit my Amiibo through an online lobby?” It’s a good question and the answer is, unfortunately, “no.” Online Lobbies provide no way for a tournament organizer to check and make sure an Amiibo is compliant with the rules. Even if there was a way to do this, we still wouldn’t rely on Online Lobbies for tournaments because we would then be dependent on people showing up on time for their matches, having stable internet, and a host of many other factors that would bog down the tournament’s pace to a crawl.
Amiibo are submitted to the tournament via this form. You will be prompted to submit a copy of your Amiibo’s .bin file to the tournament organizer. If you don’t know how to get the .bin file of your Amiibo copied, there are two methods. One involves using an app called TagMo on an Android device capable of reading NFC chips. A great video was posted by a fellow Amiibo trainer, Cpt. Grissimen, on how to do this and it can be seen here.
However, if you don’t have an Android device capable of reading NFC chips, you can use a product like Amiibo Powersaves. Many stores like GameStop have a copy or you can just purchase it from an online retailer. Buying an Amiibo Powersaves has the additional benefit of allowing you to host your own Amiibo Tournaments
If you need help understanding how to get your .bin submitted, feel free to visit the twitch.tv/splicestream chatroom while he is streaming and there will usually be a bevy of people who can answer your questions there.


Currently, the prize pool is coming out of the pocket of the tournament host. The current rewards for winning are as follows:

1st Place) rose gold Peach Amiibo (pictured to the right) and a $10 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (can be substituted for a $10 Amazon eGift card if requested). Please note, if you live outside of the United States the tournament host may request financial assistance in mailing the trophy to you as shipping gets prohibitively expensive outside the US. In the event the cost to get the trophy out to you is too expensive another $10 Nintendo eShop Gift card will be sent in its place

2nd Place) $10 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (can be substituted for a $10 Amazon eGift card if requested)

3rd Place) $5 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (can be substituted for a $5 Amazon eGift card if requested)

However, this is only the base amount the prize pool can reach. If you’d like to help increase the size of the prize pool contact the tournament organizer (Burr). Any money you add to the pool will be matched by the tournament host (up to a maximum of $50, Splice isn’t made of money). Or, if you would rather donate an Amiibo or something else to future prize pools, discuss it with Burr and we’ll see what we can do. Regardless, we’d love for the pool to be bigger to encourage more competition but will need the help of the community or sponsors to do so.

If you might have contact with a company who would wish to sponsor this or future seasons of P.A.L., contact Burr or Splice and we would be happy to provide whatever documentation you need to make that happen.

The Sportsmanship Agreement


The P.A.L. is designed to be an esports event where people can exercise their competitive juices while also adhering to common rules of courtesy in any competitive environment. As such, if you wish to participate you have to agree to follow certain rules. Failure to follow these rules could result in suspension or outright banning a trainer in current or future seasons. The rules are as follows:

1. No cheating. Should anyone be caught submitting hacked or otherwise illegal Amiibo and it is determined it was done with ill-intent the Trainer who submitted the Amiibo will be permabanned.

2. Amiibo names must be family-friendly. The channel the tournament is hosted on is branded as a family-friendly channel and your Amiibo’s names must comply. This includes any names that can be deemed crass, overly political, overly religious, or otherwise offensive. The final arbiter of this is the host. If you are asked to change an Amiibo’s name, your Amiibo will not be able to participate until a .bin file with a more appropriate name is sent.

3. No harrassing of fellow competitors, viewers, or tournament officials. This extends beyond just merely in official channels like the tournament chat room. Friendly ribbing is fine but understand what some people consider friendly others might not agree. Also remember that a lot of the tone of what you say gets lost in chat. Leniency will be shown when it seems to be a misunderstanding but outwardly hostile behavior won’t be tolerated. If a loss has you feeling salty, that’s okay. Losing sucks. Just keep your salt on your side of the internet browser and don’t go throwing it around.

4. You will be required to submit visual evidence you own the Amiibo you are submitting. As a professional tournament we do not condone pirating. If we want Nintendo to keep developing and supporting Amiibo-related content we need to give them a financial reason to do so. In the submission form you will be asked to provide a photo of your Amiibo next to some trivial item just (example: A photo of your Mario Amiibo next to a beverage of some kind) so we know the image wasn’t pulled from an internet search. If you have some sort of issue submitting the image via the form, contact the tournament organizer to find a workaround with their help. However you must provide the image to participate.

In addition to the rules we will also ask that you attempt to follow some guidelines to help foster a more active community. These are not required to participate, just a request to merely help us ensure a more active and positive community

If you have the option, please make it a point to view your matches live. The tournament is a lot more fun when the trainers are there watching the matches and reacting to their Amiibo’s antics

Let others know you are participating in this tournament. We are trying to grow and expand the Amiibo community. That works best by word of mouth. Nothing big, just let them know you’re participating

As newcomers enter the community, be helpful and don’t dismiss their questions, no matter how basic they are. We all started somewhere. Don’t begrudge them that they started after you did

If you are there live, give a “Good luck” or a pregame !salute before the match to your opponent and, win or lose, a polite “gg” afterwards.

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